South African Citrus Season

South African Citrus season coming to an end…


The South African Citrus exports are slowly coming to an end as the last few exports from the Western Cape is wrapping up a great season.

There was a good citrus harvest on the trees in South Africa this year, smaller sizes but larger volumes.  CBS and the “political” problem that comes with it were definitely hovering over the market once again.

With that said… the European market remained our biggest receiver of 40.65% of our Valencia’s with an increased percentage of 5% compare to last year.

Lemons to the EU stayed steady at 16% with the Middle East being our biggest market for these, consuming 40% of our harvest.

Soft Citrus exports remained strong to the EU with 27%, 3% more than last year, with the biggest market being the United Kingdom with 40%, also 5% more than last year.

The EU was once again our biggest receiver of Grape Fruits at 41% that showed an increase of 2% compare to last year. Japan remained our second biggest market at 21%.

The EU also remained our strongest receiver of Navel exports at 34% showing a remarkable increased percentage of 6%, with the Middle East being our second biggest market at 22%.

Overall it was a bigger volume season. With the South African growers trying harder and harder to meet the demands laid out, as well as phenomenal demand from new markets we predict an even more successful citrus season to come.