Consumer Convenience

During the infancy of the retail industry, product was king. There was less reliance on how and when customers would receive a product and more of a focus on how well it worked. This has all changed for today’s marketers. We live in an on-demand world (of instant gratification) and in order for retailers to succeed, they need to offer immediate delivery for must-have items — because today, convenience is king.

In an article on How to improve Customer Convenience in the new economy by Marcel Boucher, she captured these needs and emphasizes the need to comply with them.

How to Improve Customer Convenience in the New Economy

“Time and money have always been directly correlated, and for the last several years, consumers have been short on both. Even though we’ve made quite a comeback from the dark days of the economic collapse in late 2008, the Great Recession is still fresh on everyone’s mind.

As a reaction to the substandard economy that wrapped up the first decade of the new millennium, buyers have become obsessed with finding unsurpassed value, with competitive sellers bending over backward to come up with new ways to draw in potential customers. Bottom-line pricing, impeccable service, and personalized experiences have all become crucial to staying competitive in the post recession marketplace, but another customer demand has risen through the ranks, forcing companies to rethink the way they market their products and services.

That demand can be summed up in a single word: convenience.

Consumers crave it, yet some companies have found themselves reluctant to truly cater to convenience. That’s because providing convenience—like any other modification to a company’s business model—takes exactly what companies in the new economy are trying to save their customers: time and money.

With a dismal economy far behind us for the foreseeable future (we hope), building a brand that prioritizes customer convenience is sure to be what differentiates post recession players from companies that believe their brands are doing just fine with older business models. When looking for ways to improve your customers’ experience with your brand, it’s perfectly natural to consider big innovations that could lead your business well into the 21st Century. But focusing on convenience roadblocks that can be addressed and fixed expediently is a smart way to save your business money while creating great experiences for customers you’re engaging with right now.

Of course, if you’re having trouble figuring out what would give your customers a more convenient experience, you could always just ask.”

Online shopping, smart packaging, longer shelf life and variety are just but a few of these convenient trends customers are following. We are living in a fast pace society and time and convenience is important to the consumer. I have to say, I am also driven by convenience and I believe getting on track and embracing these innovations and thinking creatively and out of the box to improve customer satisfaction is key to a successful business these days but most importantly creating a convenient product /service which has all the health benefits everyone needs, because let’s be honest, if it is in a can or box, it can’t be good for you… And we KNOW it; however convenience has become so important to most, that they will knowingly purchase unhealthy goods because it’s CONVENIENT!  Having a solution for both would definitely put you in the front seat!