Biodegradable packaging

Why use and purchase only biodegradable packaging.

Even though I have blogged about packaging before I would like to put emphasis on specifically biodegradable packaging and it’s benefits. I found 7 major advantages of biodegradable plastic in an article by Bio-StocksPro to hopefully encourage people to consider using and purchasing products packed in biodegradable plastics.

“The overall effect of plastic on the environment is a major pollutant contributor and a transition to biodegradable would have a great impact on the health of the world.

The principal advantages of plastics are their cost, functionality, durability and weight. Unfortunately, with these benefits come many drawbacks.

According to certain analysts in the industry, every hour Americans dispose of two and a half million plastic bottles. The global plastic consumption is nearing 100 million tons per year. So, it has now become a pressing issue to find an alternative to plastic, which can be produced from renewable resources. One such alternative has already been invented, and it is called biodegradable plastics and biodegradable packaging for products. The advantages of biodegradable plastic are numerous, and this is what the article is about.

Here are the 7 main benefits of such biodegradable products:

1. Biodegradable plastics take less time to break down
Biodegradable packaging and biodegradable bags take much less time to break down after being discarded, if they haven’t been recycled, of course. What this means is that it gets absorbed in the earth, and there will no longer be tons of plastic dominating our landfills.

2. Biodegradable plastics are renewable
Biodegradable plastics are made from biomass, which is a completely renewable resource. It is an organic compound, which breaks down. There is plenty of it around the globe. Biomass includes trees, plants, grass, and all organic materials that decompose. This may even include animal fats, meats, and other tissues.

3. Biodegradable plastics are good for the environment
Biodegradable plastics are much better for the environment, because there is no harm done to the earth when recovering fossil fuels. Also, in this process there are very few greenhouse gas and harmful carbon emissions. Regular plastics need oil for their manufacturing, which pollutes the environment.

4. Biodegradable plastics require less energy to produce
Biodegradable plastics need less than half the energy to produce than their non-biodegradable counterparts. This means that it is possible to make twice the amount of biodegradable packaging and biodegradable bags using the same amount of energy.

5. Biodegradable plastics are easier to recycle
Biodegradable plastics are created from materials that are fully biodegradable. This means that they can break down much faster and recycling them takes less energy. Biodegradable plastics can be reused more efficiently, which gives them a clear advantage.

6. Biodegradable plastics are not toxic
Traditional plastics are full of harmful by-products and chemicals, which are released during their breakdown process. Biodegradable plastics are completely safe and do not have any chemicals or toxins. This plastic harmlessly breaks down and gets absorbed into the earth. Such advantages of bioplastics are of extreme importance, as the toxic plastic load on the earth is growing and at this rate will cause a whole range of problems for future generations.
7. Biodegradable plastics reduce dependence on foreign oil
The use of biodegradable plastics will decrease the country’s dependence on other countries for fossil fuels. The majority of the oil that is needed to make regular plastic comes from the Middle East, which has not always been friendly toward the U.S. Biodegradable plastics are created from domestic biomass materials, so it reduces the dependence on foreign oil, providing a domestic solution instead.

As you can see, these advantages of biodegradable plastics are significant and of great importance for the future of the planet. Plastics are new to society – just a generation ago and plastic consumption was a tenth of what it is now. For me, researching the advantages of bioplastics has been an enjoyable process, as I am committed to reducing the environmental pollution as much as I can. The benefits of biodegradable products are so clear that the next stage is for the public to become more aware of the issue. Perhaps in a generation ahead the oil-based plastic will have had its day!”


Source: Bio-StocksPro article under New Concepts